Teeth Extraction

Teeth Extraction Service In Hyderabad

A routine procedure undertaken by HDental, teeth extraction is a simple procedure that is undertaken by a skilled dentist in Hyderabad. The procedure is fairly simple and painless.

There are myriad reasons why tooth extraction is done. Some common reasons are:
● Tooth decay
● Malfunctional teeth
● To prevent infection
● Impacted teeth
● Removal of wisdom teeth(to prevent crowding)


An X-ray is taken and the tooth, gums and bone will be anesthetized using a local numbing agent before the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide is usually used as a sedating agent to prevent the patient from feeling any pain.

A Whilst in most cases, the patient is given partial sedation to only feel pressure, in some cases, the patient is intravenously fed sedation throughout the body resulting in them losing the memory of the operation.


Your dentist would give you instructions on what to do after the operation is finished. He/she will also put a gauze to prevent bleeding. Your teeth and gums should heal completely in a matter of weeks. Your dentist would also prescribe medication in some cases to help you get over the operation. For cosmetic purposes, your dentist can also replace one/many missing teeth with a bridge, denture or an implant.

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