Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism In Hyderabad

Dental tourism is a subset of medical tourism where patients travel looking for quality dental centres to undertake dental procedures at a fraction of cost.

People Usually Choose To Go For Dental Tourism Because:

  • The dental facilities in their home country is not up-to-the par.
  • The costs of undertaking a dental procedure back home is beyond their budget due to a medley of factors.
It has been estimated by Patients Beyond Borders that dental tourism consists of half of all medical travel. In a world that is increasingly getting small, people have been travelling to undertake restorative and cosmetic procedures at a fraction of the cost back home. Some of the most common procedures undertaken by dental tourists are:
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridge
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Dental Veneers
  • Prosthodontics

Here is where we come into play! Developing countries like India have the unique advantage of providing a top-notch medical service whilst still driving costs down for you. Whilst the standards for the dentists may be slightly different in India when compared to western countries due to different regulations, the fact that service professionals in India use english as a language of communication helps prevent miscommunication and makes the country standout when considering other medical destinations.

In severe cases, in any case, your dental specialist should intervene. The root canal treatment is a go-to methodology for cases where the tooth has turned out to be severely decayed or has gotten an infection. In any case remains untreated, the tissues surrounding tooth will also endure the disease and may develop painful abscesses.

At H Dental, our dentists have been at the forefront of the dental revolution in India with a number of our staff having the honour of interacting with top dental experts from all around the world! Be it our digital smile design procedure or our prosthodontics, we have always strived to include the best pioneering practices from around the world like Christin Coachman’s techniques into what we do.

Patients travelling from outside India usually have a couple of concerns, including doubts regarding the continuity of treatment. At H dental, we take great care to ensure that the patient’s dental history is fully understood before proceeding with the treatment. We also ensure that the expectations for the procedure is clearly communicated to the patient to prevent communication gap!

Why HDental Is The Best Dental Clinic In Hyderabad For Dental Tourism:

Based on Hyderabad, one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in world, we are equipped with the latest dental software’s like DSD, GPS and Shape a Smile. Combine this with the multicultural expertise of our team, you can be assured of quality care.

HDental Dental Tourism Services:

1. Dental Implant Services

  • Sutureless Implant Surgery
  • Fullmouth Implant Rehabilitation
  • Guided Implant Services
  • Single Visit Implant Placement

2. Single Visit Dental Aesthetic Services

  • Digital smile design
  • Bleaching in a day
  • Veneers & Composites
  • Replacement of teeth with smile design
  • Crowns & Bridges within 48 Hours

3. Single Visit Periodontal Solutions

  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Deep Curettage
  • Laser curettage
  • Laser pocket debridement
  • PRP solution for Periodontitis

4. Five Days Orthodontic Solutions

  • Monthly single visit with ceramic braces
  • Planning, digital impressions and the patient can carry their entire 15 to 20 sets of Aligners to complete orthodontic solution.

5. Root Canal Treatment And Restorative Work In Single Visits

  • Multiple fillings are done in a single visit
  • Microscope root canal treatment
We also help you stay comfortable throughout and after the procedure by providing dental tips. If you would like to know the experiences of dental tourists with our high end clinic, feel free to reach out to us here

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