Cosmetic Dentures, Flexi Dentures in Hyderabad

Prosthetic devices that are usually used to replace tooth that are missing, dentures are removable devices that consists of different types:

Removable Dentures

These type of dentures consists of replaceable teeth attached to a plastic base. Removable dentures are among the preliminary options for people who have lost their teeth due to old age or sickness. It is known for a fact that 31% of adults above 65 and below 75 have lost their teeth.

Standard Full Dentures

These dentures are quite adept at helping tooth stay in the same place. Made of flexible material, they help make suction easier. They also reduce the number of routine dental visits.

Partial Dentures

These are used to replace a limited number of teeth and not the whole set itself. Partial dentures are supported by the rest of the teeth and are the most stable among the dentures. They are also more comfortable than its alternatives.


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Cosmetic Dentures

These dentures are quite similar to your natural teeth. Made from a special acrylic base, cosmetic dentures eliminates the possibility of denture shrinking and warping. In some cases, implants are used to achieve a natural look in addition to dentures. Implants provide support to the dentures and help them stay in a single spot without moving around. It is time you realize that loss of teeth doesn’t have to deter you from a healthy and contentful lifestyle. Removable dentures are a very viable form of treatment for a huge number of people. If you live in and around Hyderabad and need a consultation, give us a call.

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