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Crowns are usually placed on broken teeth or on teeth that has lost much of its original structure. There are a medley of crowns available ranging from porcelain ones to metal crowns. Your dentist would be the right person to tell you what will suit you best considering different factors and based on your budget and preference. Crowns would also be required to attach a bridge if the surrounding tooth are not strong enough.


Bridge is a dental tool that is usually used to replace missing teeth. They are designed to be aesthetically appealing and help in closing the jaws perfectly. Bridges can be personalized with a range of materials like porcelain, gold and zirconia. Whilst they are not as reliable and long lasting as dental crowns, they can still be attached to the teeth in such a way that only your dentist can remove them. You can select crowns and bridges that suit your taste and based on what you feel looks best on your teeth. Make sure to take care of your oral hygiene as this prolongs the life of the crowns and bridges.

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