Are Dental Crowns Painful?

Crowns are kind of inevitable when the tooth is too vulnerable, broken, decayed and not in a position to support any filling. Also, crowns are used after dental implants to support the bridge. Further, Crowns can restore the beauty of your smile and it can keep up your oral health as well. When the crown is fitted, it strengthens the tooth, avoids further decay, protects the dental implant and it ensures a beautiful smile of yours.

But a lot of people get panic when they think of dental treatments. Because dental treatments are too painful generally!

Fortunately, if you are told to have a crown, you no need to worry about pain! Because the dental crown is not painful!

If you are planning to have a dental crown then you have a lot of stuff to know from this article! Let’s start with what is a tooth crown.

What Is A Tooth Crown?

A dental crown is also called dental caps. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover the tooth or dental implant completely to restore the health and aesthetic appearance of that tooth.

Tooth Crown Procedure

Tooth crown procedure starts with removing the problematic part of the tooth and preparing it to hold a new crown. Then the dentist takes the impression and the temporary crown is fitted. After that, the technician prepares the perfect crown made out of suggested material. During the second visit, your new crown will be replaced with the temporary one.

You may receive an anesthetic to avoid any discomfort at the time of tooth crown treatment. You won’t feel tooth crown pain but it may cause slight discomfort.

Types Of Tooth Crowns

There are a variety of tooth crown types. You can select the best one which suits you. It can be made out of metals such as gold, metal covered with porcelain or fully porcelain crown. Porcelain crowns are suggested for people with problems in the front of the mouth as proclaiming crown resembles the exact natural tooth.

Plus, depends on the requirement your dentist can suggest a removable or permanent crown to you.

Tooth crown cost is dependent on the type of material and which tooth you are treating. Hdental, the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, offers tooth crown treatment at a very affordable tooth crown cost in Hyderabad.

After getting a crown fitted you may feel the discomfort for a few days. Eventually, you will get rid of them. You must brush properly as your dentist advise. And regular checkups with the dentist can make your crown last for years.

The dentists’ experience and skills are really important to get a great natural look and comfort after dental crown treatment. So, it’s vital to get an expert dentist. Dr.Jangalahari is the best dental crown specialist in Hyderabad.

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