Orthodontics and Dentofical orthopaedics is a specialization in dentistry that deals with diagnosis; prevention and correction of irregular teeth and jaws.

Branch of Orthodontics corrects the relationship of teeth to maintain the functional efficiency; structural balance and aesthetic harmony which helps in maintaining the balance between dento alveolar system, skeletal system and soft tissue by correction of malocclusion [improper bites].

Orthodontic treatment usually takes around 14-18 months of duration to complete treatment with braces being altered slightly every 4 to 5 weeks of time.

We provide multiple treatment plans depending on individual needs for possible outcome.

In growing patients there are multiple options for treating skeletal discrepancies either by promoting or restricting the growth of an individual’s by using functional appliances like head gear ; face mask.

Extraction of teeth may be required in some cases for further completion of orthodontic treatment to achieve proper treatment out come and patient needs.


We provide various appliance systems used in our clinic depending on the mechanical system employed and personal preference which includes:
i. Beggs
ii. Lingual
iii. Self Ligating Bracket system

Laboratory appliances includes Herbst ; Quad Helix ; MIA ; Lingual and Transpalatal Arch ; RME screw appliances.
Most commonly used appliance today is Pre-adjusted Edge wise appliance.

We use different types of brackets for Orthodontic treatment which includes Stainless steel [Metal] ; Ceramic braces and Aligners.
Stainless steel bracket we used are resistant to all kinds of corrosion resistance; hygienic and economical.
Ceramic braces are used to improve aesthetics and used as an alternative for metal. Ceramic braces provide excellent colour fidelity; stain resistance.
We use different companies of stainless steel & ceramic braces which includes 3M; American Ortho (AO) ; Ortho organizers so on.........

Aligners are used for minor Orthodontic corrections such as spacing; Mild irregularities, Mild overcrowding.
Speciality of Aligners is Invisible; easy to wear and remove; comfortable to the patient.
We provide different Aligners such as INVISALIGN, K3 Aligners; Flash Orthodontics; Nova Aligners so on........
We also provide specialized cosmetic surgeries to alter the growth of an individual to correct the malocclusion by performing orthognathic surgeries like ;
i. Genioplasty (advancement & reduction)
ii. Lefort fracture
iii. Differential impaction
iv. Bi jaw surgery
v. Osteotomy.

Orthodontists are specially trained in the corrective treatment of the misalignment of teeth and jaws to promote long term oral health. Orthodontists are required to study at an accredited orthodontic residency program as part of their extended education. Orthodontists limit their practice to orthodontic treatment only unless they have training in another dental specialty.

We have all the latest orthodontic styles and systems, at great prices and payment plans.

Our Team

Dr. Jangala Hari

Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr. M.Mahesh Babu

Prosthodontist & Implantologist

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Dr. G.V.Seshu

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Kiran Koora


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Dr. Preethi Buelah

Resident Doctor

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Resident Doctor