Digital Smile Designing

Digital smile design is one of the unique high demand services in the field of advanced dentistry. DSD official masters/specialist available in H dental, who are trained by DSD instructor from Brazil & Spain.

Dr. Jangala Hari CEO of H Dental, Himself is pioneer in the field of digital smile design; he was trained by DSD instructor Dr. Christian coachman from Brazil. In H Dental, we created an unique facility for DSD to motivate & counsel the patient towards smile design awareness.

Digital Smile Design consists of digital diagnostics, digital analysis, motivational mockup, pre smile analysis, designing patient smile & showing difference between existing to future. These smile design is completely based on patient needs and desire.

Digital Smile Design:

1. Digital case Sheet: We take information from patients their needs & desires as prior criteria.

2. Digital Diagnostics: We take patient photographs; patient digital impressions; patient 3D-Xrays.

3. DSD Software: By using patient photography, we design patient smile design by using DSD software template in laptop.

After using patient smile by using DSD App in Pro IPod after designing patient smile on the photograph their we will show to patient present smile & future smile as per design.

Beauty of DSD is we can show the patient smile after how it looks with out doing any correction in the patient mouth. After taking patient opinion & acceptance; we will explain the patient different treatment options to achieve the digital smile on the patient.

Usual treatment options after designing

1. 3D Aligners

2. Orthodontic braces

3. Laminates with glass ceramic

4. All ceramic crowns

5. Zirconium layer crowns

6. Composite shells

7. Cosmetic surgery followed by prosthetic options

In H Dental unlike others, is only center in south India using different smile designing software like DSD, GPS, Shape a Smile and provide patient different options under one roof for best profile result. We also have IPod advanced version App for DSD by taking patient photographs.

Our Team

Dr. Jangala Hari

Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr. M.Mahesh Babu

Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr. G.V.Seshu

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Kiran Koora


Dr. M.Thirumal Naik


Dr. Harshanandan B


Dr. C.K.Anil


Dr. Divya Jyothi

Resident Doctor